The Lanbena Acne Patch - Eternal Clear
The Lanbena Acne Patch - Eternal Clear
The Lanbena Acne Patch - Eternal Clear
The Lanbena Acne Patch - Eternal Clear
The Lanbena Acne Patch - Eternal Clear
The Lanbena Acne Patch - Eternal Clear
The Lanbena Acne Patch - Eternal Clear
The Lanbena Acne Patch - Eternal Clear

The Lanbena Acne Patch

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✔️ VANISH PIMPLES WITH Lanbena. Lanbena Acne Patches will shrink your zit overnight or even suck out all the gunk! Speed up the process of vanishing those pimples with our patches.

✔️ ALLURE APPROVED. Allure experts reviewed, tested, approved, and recommends Lanbena Acne Patches for everyone to try! Our high-grade hydrocolloid stickers featured in Allure’s Beauty Box.

✔️ PREVENTS PIMPLE PICKING. As our acne-positive community sticks on our vegan & cruelty-free hydrocolloid patches, they love how it helps them get rid of their pimple faster by protecting their pimple with its ultra-thin and transparent finish.

✔️ MADE FOR ALL. Inclusivity is important! Our high-grade hydrocolloid stickers have been used on every skin tone so everyone can go incognito. You can wear it day and night to make your zit less noticeable.

✔️ ON-THE-GO DESIGN. Our pouch is made with an easy seal and resealable design so you can take it on the go. You’ll always be ready for any surprise blemishes. 




Clean & Safe Ingredients

Our clean ingredients are formulated with sensitive skin in mind. Infused with Centella Asiatica, Calendula & Tea Tree, this power trio helps fight acne.


Blends In With All Skin Tones

Our high-grade hydrocolloid patches are inclusive to all skin tones so everyone can go incognito. Stick it on and make your zit less noticeable.

Easy Peel Design

Designed so you can peel off acne patches without any wrinkling! Simply peel back the perforated film, then peel off the acne patch.


Resealable Packaging

Take the Lanbena acne patches wherever you go. With its resealable pouch, your acne patches stay fresh and protected no matter where you take them. 

How to Use  


How it Works 

Covers your blemish to protect it against external influences. Absorbs pus and oil for faster healing. Works best when whiteheads of acne and pimples are clearly visible. Does not work for blackheads.



Can I apply skincare or moisturizer before applying the pimple patch?

It is important that you cleanse your face and dry the blemished area before application. The patches adhere best on dry surfaces so if you are to apply skincare or moisturizer, make sure to wait until the wet area dries before applying.

Are the pimples patches safe for use during pregnancy?

Absolutely! Our patches are made with all-natural ingredients including, calendula and tea tree oil as well as Centella Asiatica. The culmination of gentle and lightweight ingredients renders it the perfect counter to pregnancy acne.

My acne patches keep folding over themselves when I peel them off the film. What can I do about this?

Each set of acne patches comes with perforated lines on the film. In order to stop the patches from folding over themselves, it is important that you peel along the line rather than the actual patches which reveal half of the patch for easy access. 

Why doesn’t anything come out onto my patches after use?

Results differ depending upon the stage at which your pimple is at; with effectivity being the highest when pus is visible pre-application. Usage of the patches should result in absorption of the pus as well as a visibly reduced blemish.

How long should I keep the patches on?

You can expect the best results from wearing a set of acne patches for at least 6-8 hours or overnight. After the initial 12 hours of use, the absorption capabilities are limited and each individual patch will be less effective.