Packaging Change Announcement

In our effort to continuously deliver the best customer experience by presenting a premium quality product and package, our company recently made drastic changes to product quality, inventory, and implementing a rebranding campaign. As part of this, we changed the product design to make it more robust and to give our customers a superior quality product. For this reason during the time of this switchover to new packaging and products, some of our customers will receive the newer packaging design while others will receive the older packaging. However, the product itself is the new and improved design, so rest assured that the quality you are receiving is the top-notch product you purchased as long as it is used as directed on our website instructions page. For those few customers that did receive the old packaging, the only different thing is the packaging, which we had to use to avoid the lost packaging inventory before moving to our new packaging. To guarantee you that this product is the same quality as the redesigned product, we will gladly offer those few customers a 1-year warranty on the product. Any loss of functionality will be covered 100% by us. This is how confident we are in the product we sent you. Any order placed from the 8th onward, however, will 100% have all the Eternal Clear branding (and new product quality.

Happy Shopping! Looking forward to seeing your results and Eternal Clear skin!

Eternal Clear Team