Facial Cleaner and Vacuum User Manual

Hydrodermabrasion is a new cutting-edge facial skin treatment that cleanses, detoxifies, and extracts impurities while deeply hydrating the skin.  

Hydrodermabrasion is also an anti-skin aging skin treatment that helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, large pores , hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone.

Using the latest skin healing technology, hydrodermabrasion combines the famous microdermabrasion with the natural healing powers of water and oxygen to revitalize the skin for a hydrated, healthy and youthful glow.

User Manual

1. Charge: Make sure to charge the device before use. (Red light indicates charging, green light indicates fully charged) Once it is fully charged, remove the port.

2. Prepare the device: Open the container. Fill the container with water and close the lid properly. Choose one from the 6 interchangeable suction tips and install it.

3. Before Use: Use a facial steamer or hot towel and place it on your face for 3-5 minutes to open up the skin pores. You can also use a facial steamer or use the blackhead remover immediately after bathing.

4. To start using the device, hold the power button for 3 seconds to switch it on. According to your preferences, choose the appropriate suction tip and connect it to the device. Press the power button and choose the power lever (Oily/Normal/Dry) of suction force.

5. Gently glide into the skin. Use slow, circular, or sweeping motion. You need to keep moving the device by sliding and lifting it to different areas of the face. Do not keep the facial cleanser in the same place on the skin for a long time to avoid redness and irritation.

6. When using the product, please move its suction head in a circular or linear direction slowly on your skin, and make sure it stays no more than 2 seconds for each skin area. Otherwise, it may hurt your skin and make it purple.

7. After use, press the power button to turn off the device.

Give your skin the attention it deserves!

Safety Precautions

1. Do not shake the product, do not turn it upside down, and do not block the exhaust port with your hands.

2. When in use, do not let the Hydrodermabrasion Facial Cleaner and Vacuum stay in the same place on the skin for more than 2 seconds in the same area. Otherwise, it may hurt your skin and make it purple (Especially for sensitive skin) because the suction power is strong.

3. Do not submerge the body of the vacuum in water to clean it, because the body of the device is not waterproof.