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Our Story

100% Non-invasive medical grade skin therapy

Eternal Clear was founded in 2020 at the height of the global Covid-19 pandemic to address several urgent needs in the skincare world. Since our founding, the below 4 pillars of our mission are deeply rooted in how we work and ingrained in our brand's identity.

100% handmade soap bar


Safe & Environment friendly

  • To provide high-quality medical-grade professional skincare products to everyday people at an affordable price. 
  • To ensure that effective at-home skincare solutions are available to everyone 24/7. 
  • To provide natural, non-invasive, safe, eco-friendly, and sustainable products while ensuring we positively impact the environment. 
  • To provide, not just a product but an experience, a service and a community/support system. 


“The pandemic took a toll on our skin. It's time to reclaim control.” - Ermias Lemma, Founder

After many frustrating breakout and having tried topicals, a different diet and so much more, Ermias realized the only thing that consistently helped calm his acne was this weird buzzing, weird smelling device used by his esthetician. But each visit cost $150+ and he'd have another breakout if he didn't go at least twice a month. This wasn't sustainable.

Having personally seen the many benefits of high frequency therapy and  the high barrier to entry to access it, Ermias decided to create Eternal Clear. He made it his mission to ensure that that this remarkable device was available to anyone for at-home use at an affordable price. 

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