Simple morning skincare for busy people

Simple morning skincare for busy people - Eternal Clear

5 steps, in 5 minutes, for that elusive all-day glow

Your morning skincare routine is just as crucial as your night-time regimen (if not more). Good morning skincare protects your skin from pollution, sweat and sun, and preps it for makeup – so you can get that healthy, glowing look all day long.

Trouble is, when you’re wrestling a toddler to daycare with one hand, emailing your boss with the other and trying to drink that all-important coffee while it’s still vaguely warm…there’s not a whole lot of time for complex routines. ‘Glowing’ feels like an impossible ambition – vaguely presentable, maybe.

The good news? You don’t need a complex routine to have great skin. In fact, it’s usually better if you don’t – too much can inflame, rather than calm, your skin.

Here’s a simple 5 step, 5 minute routine for easy mornings:

Step 1: Cleanse

Gently massage your cleanser onto your face for 30-40 seconds, rinse with cold water and dry with a clean washcloth.

We recommend using a low-pH cleanser to help maintain your skin’s natural pH balance, especially if you’re experiencing breakouts and dryness (which often result from an upset pH level)

Step 2: Tone 

Squeeze 3-4 drops of toner onto a cotton pad and gently coat your face. Toning helps balance the skin's pH, hydrates, forms a natural barrier against pollutants and can protect against acne.

If pimples are an issue for you, we suggest adding acne patches to your nighttime skincare. These tiny, almost invisible, patches shrink pimples overnight, ready for a quick, easy morning routine. 

Step 3: Calm with serum

Before your toner dries completely, apply a very thin layer of vitamin C serum. The skin-calming blend of essential oils and nutrients will hydrate your skin without adding oiliness.

Step 4: Moisturize

Choose your  moisturizer based on your skin type. For oily skin, look for an oil-free moisturizer with ingredients like vitamin E and Shea Butter.  For dry skin, choose a water-based moisturizer that primarily consists of glycerin and vitamin E. 

Step 5: Protect with sunscreen

Finally, create a protective layer against harmful sun rays with an SPF 30+ sunscreen. Apply a generous amount to your face, neck, and other sun-exposed areas. 

Sunscreen application should always be the final step of the process, or you won’t get the full benefit of that essential SPF. And even if you use a moisturizer with SPF added, it’s unlikely to be enough to protect your skin from sun damage – especially in summer, or if you live somewhere it’s warm all year. 

Your easy 5-step routine

And there you have it – your easy 5-step. 5-minute morning routine: cleanse, tone, calm, moisturize, protect. You might even be able to do it in less than 5, bosses and toddlers allowing. 

Of course, we can’t promise you’ll always get through until 6pm looking just as glowing and lovely as you did at 8am – some days are tough. But you’ll have a fighting chance. 

And when you follow this easy routine consistently, with products chosen for your skin type, you should see better and better results, as your skin becomes calmer and more resilient. If it doesn’t, you might need to try switching up the products you use, or using a little less. 

For support to find your perfect routine, check out our Facebook group.