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5 Reason why you need to try the Eternal Clear Wand 

And why it's blowing up on social media

It Can Be Hard To Find Skincare Products That Actually Work

The Eternal Clear wand has been blowing up on across social media and gotten an estimated 10-20 millions of views, likes and comments from customers swearing by it (and rightfully so). The results customer are getting is truly remarkable. We’ve shared a few of these reactions below. 

This wand has quickly been rising in popularity because of it’s ease of use, effectiveness and affordability. It’s effectiveness on acne and wrinkles deserves a deeper dive as many customer report seeing results where other acne solutions like Curology and even prescription drugs have failed. 

In the next few minutes we breakdown why the Eternal Clear wand is the best investment you could possibly make for your skin and how it’s become the MVP and backbone of so many customer’s skincare routine.

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  • 5 Reason why you need to try the Eternal Clear Wand
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1. High frequency is extremely effective (used for over 125 years)

High frequency therapy has been used for skincare for over 125 years and has largely remained a skincare secret in the industry for many years. It was first invented by Nikola Tesla (yes, the same Tesla that the vehicle is named after). Since it’s discovery it’s proven to be the one tool that addressed such a large variety of common skin concerns including acne, aging skin, dark circles, large pores, etc.. to name a few. 

Until recently, all high frequency devices were large pieces of equipment dermatologists and estheticians had access to and cost upwards of $3,000 per unit. These were only made for professional use as they had complicated settings and were large pieces of equipment.

The Eternal Clear wand offers the same effective device at a fraction of the cost with only one knob to adjust intensity and make for an extremely easy to use treatment at home – truly bringing the magic of high frequency therapy to the masses. 

It is also worth noting that there are many peer reviewed journals and studies done to prove the efficacy of high frequency therapy. 

2. Acne’s worst nightmare

The Eternal Clear wand has proven to be an effective acne solution where several other large companies/solutions like Curology and even prescription medication have failed. 

How it stops acne: 

There are 3 things that have to happen for acne to start.
a) Bacteria
b) Excessive oil production
c) Inflammation

There are two methods it uses to attack acne. 

  • It works by killing acne causing Propionibacterium bacteria (p.acne)
  • It calms inflammation 

By stopping 2 of the three main factors that cause acne, it provides an remarkably effective way to stop and heal existing acne (up to 90% faster) and also prevent future breakouts!

3. Remarkable anti-aging tool

By many accounts this wand is by far one of the most effective anti-aging techniques out there. If you’re like most people that have been promised the world by creams, moisturizers, and serums that don’t seem to make a difference, you’ll be delighted (and probably shocked) at how quickly you’ll see results from the Eternal clear wand. 

Any esthetician will tell you it’s one of their favorite tools for crow’s feet, puffy eyes and other signs of aging. They’ll also tell you that prevention is the best protection you have against aging skin. While there’s no question that we’ll all age and skin will never look the same forever, this is one of the best way to maintain a youthful glow and keep your skin looking younger for as long as possible. (at least younger than your friends 😉 

By stimulating the production of collagen and amplifying skin cell energy naturally, it increases ATP production and metabolism. This leads to increased blood flow which in turn results in youthful and vibrant skin.   

4. Saves you thousands of dollars at the spa 

If you’ve ever been to a spa for a high frequency facial, you know that the average treatment will set you back about $150-300. Assuming you’d spend $200 for one session, which is the lower end really, and you did one session per month (which remarkably still gets some results) that works out to 12 sessions per year and would cost $2400! If you’re already doing this then you know the math all too well. If you’ve never done it at a spa, well now you know! 

Compare this to the Eternal Clear wand and serums (for an extra boost of results and speed of results) then the difference is staggering. You save $2271 per year AND you get massively better results because you’re able to get unlimited sessions. 

5. Saves you loads of time 

The amount of time that this wand saves could honestly be a whole new article. But to I’ll try to sum it up below. 

  • The Pro Eternal Clear wand has many benefits that range from thinning hair and wrinkles to acne and dark circles. If you’re currently using a different crème, serum or device to help with each, imagine how much time you’d save by only using this one tool for all of the above. 
  • The Pro wand combines both Neon (which has mainly anti-aging benefits and one form of anti-acne benefits via oxygenation) and Argon (which has anti-acne benefits via UV light and also helps with promoting healthy hair and scalp). By combines these two gases in one wand the Pro wand reduces the time of using both wands separately I half. 
  • You don’t have to commute or drive to your esthetician when your skin needs some TLC. Now it’s just a few steps away
  • Lastly and most importantly, this tool is an excellent PREVENTION TOOL. Prevents acne before it starts, prevents aging skin, thinning hair, and so much more. I don’t know about you but I personally think peace of mind is invaluable and not being insecure about my skin and having skin that I can be proud of, saves me a lot of time and heartache so I can focus on things in my life that are more important to me. 

6. Bonus: Avoid the pain of acne and acne facials/extractions!

For those of us that have suffered from acne, acne isn’t just an emotional burden but I can actually be extremely painful. I used to have to go the spa to get acne facials which are basically sessions where an esthetician will go over your entire face or wherever you have acne and extract all the acne that’s active and budding but not visible to you yet. This is great and last for a couple of week but you have to do it every 2-4 weeks to consistently get the budding (not visible yet acne) before it makes a debut. HOWEVER, when I tell you that these extracts are painful, there is not a hint of exaggeration. It’s up there right next to getting your wisdom teeth removed while you’re wide awake with only local anesthesia (which I also don’t recommend by the way). 

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